Learn – MySQL Account Unlock

Learn – MySQL Account UnlockUnlock is a mechanism that allows the user to release all locks or any specific lock associated with the account. In this article, we will learn how to unlock the user accounts in the MySQL server.When the CREATE USER… UNLOCK statement creates a n

Learn – Change User Password

Learn – Change User PasswordMySQL user is a record that contains the login information, account privileges, and the host information for MySQL account to access and manage the database. The login information includes the user name and password. In some cases, there is a need to change the user password in the MySQL database.To change the password of any user account, you mu

Learn – MySQL Show Users

Learn – MySQL Show UsersSometimes you want to manage a database in MySQL. In that case, we need to see the list of all user’s accounts in a database. Most times, we assume that there is a SHOW USERS command similar to SHOW DATABASES, SHOW TABLES, etc. for displaying the list of all users available in the database server. Unfortunately, MySQL database does not have a SHOW USERS command to display the list of all users in the MySQL server. We can use the following query to see the list of all user in the database server:mysql> Select user from mysql.user;