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Deploying the Analysis Services Project

Deploying the SQL Server Analysis Services Project

Before Deploying the Cube, we need to set the Analysis services instance in Properties on the Solution. Step by Step process is described below:

1.Right click on top level of project and go to Properties.
2.Go to Deployment tab
3.Set the Correct Server for example if analysis services is named instance with name Alpha then set this to “localhostAlpha” and set the correct database name(It will created automatically).

After completing the development of a cube, you need to build and deploy the Analysis Services Project in Business Intelligence Development Studio that contains the cube.

1. Select Build from Business Intelligence Development Studio menu to build the solution.

2. After the build succeeded, make a click again on the Build menu, and then select Deploy to deploy the project.

3. After you have deployed your cube, you can browse it. Expand the cube folder on the Solution Explorer, make a right click on your cube, and then select Browse from the context menu.

4. Drag and drop measures on the “Drop Totals or Detail Fields Here” area.

5. Drag and drop dimensions on the “Drop Row Fields Here” and “Drop Column Fields Here” areas.

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